Even the ghosts tremble!


Even the ghosts tremble!

Will Moogley is the last of the dynasty of Moogley, He lives on the twenty-ninth floor of a building in New York and operates the battered agency Ghosts of the planet, since her uncle, Alvin moved to infest a beach in Hawaii. The ghost of Mrs. Turricane occurs in the apartment of the guy with a very serious problem: her brother has mysteriously disappeared from the attic that was haunting! Will and his only friend and clumsy Tupper, Assistant Agency, begin to investigate and make a disturbing discovery: they found Traces of lyxospectrina, a component used in machinery Risucchiaspiriti. And immediately alarm … the city has come a buster! Who could it be? If you like this story, you can read the other phantasmagoric and hilarious adventures of Will Moogley Agency Ghosts.

Pierdomenico Baccalario – Piemme Junior 2009
from 9 years
review by Francesca Ruggiu Traversi

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