Friend book

Friend book, book

Un grande aiuto

Tasso, Orso e l’amicizia. Tasso è triste, ha perso il suo orsacchiotto di peluche, piange fiumi e fiumi di lacrime, non sa come fare, li seduto sulla sua roccia, con la...

Friend book

The leanin’ dog

Dessa Dean lives with his father in a small house in the mountains, near a forest. The sorrow for the loss of her mother , frozen to death a month earlier, does not allow her...

Friend book

Silence speaks the wolf!

Remember the story of the three little pigs? Are you sure that things have gone just like that, and that the wolf deserved to end up inside the cauldron? The Three Little Pigs...

Friend book

Where did Carlotto?

For his sixth birthday, Swabian receives a very strange gift from mom and dad: a pair of binoculars. What a disappointment! She would have liked the doll Lola Dance, dancing...

Friend book

Mariolina barefoot

“Mariolina with shoes just do not want to be. He put aside, he loved to go barefoot. “ Mariolina is a child who loves to run barefoot. Whenever comes home with...

Friend book


“Have you ever thought of meeting the star of your dreams”? That’s what going to happen to Violet, almost fourteen years. Violet lives in London and is the...

Friend book

A owl for friend

«Today we received a mysterious phone call, and now in my attic there’s an owl that is hidden». So begins this story about friendship between a girl and a beautiful...

Friend book

Even the ghosts tremble!

Will Moogley is the last of the dynasty of Moogley, He lives on the twenty-ninth floor of a building in New York and operates the battered agency Ghosts of the planet, since...

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