La statua dagli occhi di smeraldo


2141_035c559c54e446e8bb41cfe47064d38e(1)Third episode of the series “The team of the impossible.” In London you encounter mysterious abductions and some suspect that has to do with an old and scary legend: that of the emerald-eyed demon. It really is back to reap havoc on the city? Amelia and Homer, encouraged by Max Keller, the man “who knows everything,” is put on the trail of the demon, aided by Blacky, Rusty and the other boys of the “team of the impossible”, who live by their wits in the slums of the city and know all the secrets. Together they find themselves in the dark wax museum, unaware of being followed by a menacing character …

from 9 year old
Max Keller – Piemme (Il Battello a Vapore) 2012
review by Francesca Ruggiu Traversi

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