Every time you go to the supermarket with mom and dad and go shopping together, as well as buy food and drinks, also paid envelopes bags and packages. Every good citizen should worry about these enclosures (glass, paper or plastic) to avoid damage to the environment. There are, in fact, materials that take many years to consume, and they end up damaging nature. However, if thrown right into the containers, can be recovered and reused to create new paper, plastic or glass, and therefore, new casings, new bags, new notebooks.

The glass

is one of the most environmentally friendly material that exist, because once you wash and clean can be recycled and reused indefinitely. From the glass it is possible to create the new glass.
What can you recycle? Bottles and glass bottles (without the cap!), Bottles, cans, glass jars (remove the lid), cups, glasses in general, even if broken.
But remember! it is important that the glass is clean …



The plastic
comes from oil. So it’s important to recycle it properly. This material, in fact, resistant in nature for hundreds of years and that is why it is essential to retrieve the collection.
What can you recycle? Bottles and trays (mineral water, soft drinks, oil, juice, milk, ice cream, yogurt), bottles and plastic containers (syrups, creams, sauces, yogurt, detergents, soaps, cosmetics, hygiene products, household and person etc..) nets for fruit and vegetables, plastic bags (shopping bags, freezer bags, plastic film in general) polystyrene.
As for glass, plastic too must be clean, so you have to rinse bottles and bottles of whatever you want to recycle.



Paper and paperboard
can be recycled to produce new paper and cardboard. Of recovered paper, in fact, using almost 100% for creating new ones. This is important because as you know the paper is produced at a rate of cellulose derived from trees. Taking the paper and recycling it we can have a new without having to break down new trees to continue to produce.
What can you recycle? Newspapers and magazines, wrapping paper, boxes and paper bags, beverage cartons (ie fruit juice, milk tetra), computer printouts and photocopies, books, notebooks, postcards and brochures.
The paper must be clean, not greasy, and for this reason, among the objects that can not recycle are paper-knife and fork.



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